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C5-CS sensors

Based on the world’s fastest 3D sensor C5-1280-GigE, AT expands its series of 3D laser sensors with 4 new models. The new members of the C5-CS series impress with a compact design that combines high-tech 3d sensors with state-of-the-art laser technique in one housing.

The latest models all support an output of up to 1280 points/profile and achieve a unique scanning frequency of up to 200 kHz. The entire design concept is tailored to the outstanding features of the high-speed 3D sensors and combines high-end 3D technology with the latest laser electronics in a compact housing.
All 3D laser sensors are already pre-calibrated and come with a working distance between 31 mm and 90 mm. This results in measuring ranges of up to 40 mm in width and 46 mm in height. Thereby, the C5-CS sensors achive a lateral resolution of up to 5 μm and height resolution of 0.1 μm. Furthermore, the high-speed 3D sensors feature a linearity of +/- 0.05 % of the Z-Range and repeat accuracy of 0.5 μm, which allows very accurate measurement results.

A special feature of the 3D sensors from AT – Automation Technology has always been the internal evaluation algorithms because none of them influences the measuring speed. Especially in practical applications, this gives AT’s 3D sensors a clear competitive edge in terms of measuring speed. Thus, the user obtains the best possible 3D measurement data, regardless of which algorithm (e.g. MAX, TRSH, COG, FIR-PEAK) is used. The quality of the profile recordings is also optimized by a blue laser projection, which enables a more precise imaging of the laser line due to its physical properties.

All of these features make the new C5-CS series an indispensable core component for OEMs and 3D solution providers who need accurate 3D data acquisition at high measurement speeds. Application examples can be found in industries such as the electronics and semiconductor industries, where ball grid arrays (BGAs), pin plugs or printed circuit boards (PCBs) are checked for completeness or defects such as micro-cracks. But also manufacturers of smartphones like to rely on the performance of the high speed 3d sensors of AT – Automation Technology.

Due to the various application areas, the developers of the C5-CS sensors put special emphasis on industrial capabilities for the new housing type. Therefore, the new C5-CS models feature a robust design with protection class IP 67 and tensile and tear-resistant M12 connectors for tensile and tear-resistant cable connections.

Thanks to their Gigabit Ethernet interface, the C5-CS sensors support the GigE Vision standard. This offers integrators the highest level of convenience, because in this way they have access to all common development environments (Common Vision Blox, Halcon, EyeVision, LabView, etc.) which enable a fast and easy integration of AT’s high speed 3D sensors.


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