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C4-2040-GigE 3D camera

Automation Technology has extended its C4 camera series of high-speed 3D sensors. The new C4-2040-GigE has a resolution of 2,048 x 1,088 pixels and delivers more than 66 million 3D points with a profile frequency of up to 32kHz. A second model, the C4-2040-4M-GigE, is also available and features a resolution of 2,048 x 2,048 pixels.

The front of the new C4 camera series combines all outstanding characteristics of the other C4 cameras and enables high speed performances at Megapixel resolution. This capacity is a result of a complete new camera architecture, which provides laser triangulation sensors at an excellent cost-performance ratio.

The 3D sensor uses a global shutter and exposures all pixels at the same time to capture sharp images without distortion. The camera also supports Automation Technology's HDR-3D technology, which enables the readout of the sensor with multi-slope and multi-frame-readout. With these features, the camera has a dynamic range of up to 90db and scans even materials and surfaces with differing reflectivity. The fast 3D C4-2040 sensor has high light sensitivity and enhanced sensitivity in the NIR spectrum.

The data-exchange is based on a Gigabit Ethernet interface and complies with the GigE Vision standard. In conjunction with the GenICam protocol, the use of this standard reduces integration time. Camera configuration is also fast and simple.


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