Alrad Imaging


Alrad Imaging has added the CMC-4000, the latest member of VDS Vosskühler's range of high speed cameras, to its product portfolio


Infrared cameras from VDS Vosskühler are now available from Alrad Imaging. The IRC-640GE camera is designed for detection in the wavelength range of 8-14µm (LWIR)

PIXCI SV7 frame grabber

Alrad Instruments has added the PIXCI SV7 frame grabber to its product portfolio. The frame grabber digitises analogue video from one or two standard composite video cameras

CMOS cameras

Alrad Imaging now offers a series of ultra compact CMOS cameras from The Imaging Source, an international manufacturer of cameras for industrial image processing


Alrad Imaging has added the mvBlueFox-MLC module from Matrix Vision to its product portfolio

Opto Engineering lenses and illumination

Alrad Imaging now supplies specialist lenses and lighting products from Opto Engineering, a company designing and manufacturing optical systems for imaging, metrology, sensors, projection and lasers

C116 and C118 image sensors

Available from Alrad Imaging, CMOS Sensor has introduced two image sensors with selectable resolution for use in Contact Image Sensor (CIS) modules

Gidel PCIe/104 Computation Accelerator

Alrad has introduced the Gidel PCIe/104 Computation Accelerator, which provides a high-capacity, high-speed FPGA-based platform fortified with high throughput and massive memory, resulting a in a powerful and flexible system


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