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Cooled CCD cameras

Alrad Imaging has introduced two cooled CCD cameras from German manufacturer, VDS Vosskühler. The COOL6000 is a 6 Megapixel camera using a large full frame CCD sensor with 3,072 x 2,048 pixels. It has high light sensitivity and good quantum efficiency up to the near infrared. It offers a 14-bit RS644 LVDS output with an optional Gigabit Ethernet output. The camera is air cooled down to 10°C with a stabilised peltier cooler. The camera is ideal for applications requiring long exposure times.

The second camera is the COOL11000, an ultra high resolution camera with 11 Megapixels, comprising a 4,024 x 2,680 pixel CCD sensor. The camera is offered with either air or water cooling. This camera is available with a 12-bit RS644 LVDS output but can also be supplied with a Gigabit Ethernet, Camera Link or IEEE1394 interface if required.

Cooled cameras are ideal for applications such as astronomy, biosciences, solar cell inspection and spectroscopy as well as OEM uses.


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