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Gidel PCIe/104 Computation Accelerator

Alrad has introduced the Gidel PCIe/104 Computation Accelerator, which provides a high-capacity, high-speed FPGA-based platform fortified with high throughput and massive memory, resulting a in a powerful and flexible system.

The PROC104 complies with PCIe/104 standard incorporating compact, self-stacking and rugged industrial-standard connectors. This powerful platform is ideal for high performance FPGA development and deployment across a range of SWaP-constrained application areas, including signal intelligence, image processing, software defined radio and autonomous modules/vehicles.

The PROC104 can be hosted via 4-lane PCI Express. The board's high speed performance coupled with memory and add-on daughter boards' flexible architecture enable the system to meet almost any computational needs. In addition to 512MB on-board memory, two SODIMM sockets provide up to 8GB of memory. Abundant memory conjoined with fast PCIe connection enable strong co-processing between a standard PC operating system and the PROC104's FPGA.

The PROC104 system eliminates the need for a high-speed board design, a PCI Express application driver, board constraints implementation, and environment FPGA code.


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