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PIXCI SV7 frame grabber

Alrad Instruments has added the PIXCI SV7 frame grabber to its product portfolio. The frame grabber digitises analogue video from one or two standard composite video cameras (NTSC, RS-170, PAL or CCIR). The two inputs are independent, allowing capture of different resolutions, frame rates, and video formats.

Digitised video is transferred to the PCI Express bus at video rate. As a PCIe bus master, the PIXCI SV7 board transfers image data without using the host computer's processor. Images may be transferred, at full or reduced frame rates, to computer memory for processing and/or analysis by the host computer's processor(s), or to other targets on the PCI Express bus.

The frame grabber has two BNC jacks for composite video input. Live video from both cameras may be displayed on the computer's monitor at the same time. Programmable gain, hue, brightness, saturation, and contrast adjustments can condition the video signal. SMA connectors provide TTL trigger in and strobe out. Up to four PIXCI SV7 boards, in one computer, can capture simultaneously from up to eight video sources.

The XCAP-Lite imaging program, supplied at no charge with the frame grabber, provides independent capture and adjust dialogues for each of the two inputs. If the two video sources (cameras) use the same format, and if their video outputs are to be captured with the same settings, then one capture and adjust dialogue provides common control. The XCAP-Ltd program provides extra display features, extended sequence capture to up to 8GB of memory, and convenient saving of captured sequences to the hard drive. XCAP-Std provides maximum capture, display, and save capabilities (including direct video-to-disk capture) combined with extensive processing, measurement, and analysis features.

Programmer's libraries (XCLIB) and image processing subroutines (PXIPL) are available for solving the most difficult particle tracking, machine vision measurement, inspection, image sequence analysis, and flow analysis tasks. Third party software is also available.


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