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Alrad Imaging has added the mvBlueFox-MLC module from Matrix Vision to its product portfolio. The compact single-board camera is ideal for space- and cost-sensitive OEM applications.

A high image quality and frame rate makes the camera ideally suited for embedded applications. The driver in combination with the FPGA reduces the PC load to a minimum.

The module has the same features as the standard mvBlueFOX-2xx (with housing) on one single-board. Up until now, the mvBlueFox-MLC has only been available with the WideVGA CMOS from Aptina (90fps), however, other sensors can be added.

Other features include: 10-bit ADC, 8 Megabyte memory, high dynamic range mode (110dB), and AOI with horizontal and vertical step width of two pixels. Without the lens, the module measures 35 x 33 x 25mm, and weighs 10g.

There are several assembly variants offered: mini-B USB connector and digital I/O pin header, USB via header without mini-B USB connector, female board connector instead of pin header (for direct board-to-board connection). There are three different S-mount depths offered as well as C(S)-mount compatibility using the mvBlueCougar-X flange.


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