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Mako G-234

A new Mako model within the ultra-compact, low priced camera family for easy integration into standard imaging processing systems is now available as serial product. Allied Vision‘s new Mako G-234 broadens the range of products equipped with Sony PregiusTM CMOS sensor technology. With its high sensitivity and an outstanding image quality the Mako G-234 is an ideal candidate for the transition from CCD to CMOS technology.

Mako G-234: High Quality Imaging for low price

The Mako G-234 combines a compact form factor with the advantages of Sony’s new IMX249 CMOS sensor. The camera enables high-quality imaging with frame rates up to 40 fps at full resolution (1936 x 1216) and offers the same impressive image quality as higher-speed cameras equipped with an IMX 174 sensor (e.g. Manta G-235), but for a much lower price. A high saturation capacity and low noise figures result in an outstanding dynamic range of more than 73dB making the camera ideally suited for applications with high intra-scene dynamic.

Due to its small dimensions (60.5 mm x 29 mm x 29 mm) and various input and output options the flexible integration into existing systems is very easy. This makes the camera especially suitable for the use within complex system designs where space is limited and cost sensitive industrial applications like automated quality inspection or multimedia applications.

Mako cameras – compact and rugged

The popular Allied Vision Mako camera is known for both its compact form factor and a low price. Therefore, it is often applied in various standardized, industrial inspection processes. Mako models using Sony, CMOSIS or OnSemi CMOS sensor technology are increasing and readily available. All cameras have Power over Ethernet (PoE) and are easily integrated and operated within multiple imaging processing systems thanks to Allied Vision’s Vimba Software Development Kit.


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