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Piranha HS 12k

Dalsa has introduced the Piranha HS 12k 90kHz camera. This new high-speed model features 12k resolution with a 5.2µm pixel size, and speeds of 90kHz line rate or 1.2 gigapixels/second.

Using the company's recently developed HSLink interface, the Piranha HS 12k camera delivers high speed and high resolution from a compact design. The new camera is supported by the company's Xcelera-HS PX8 frame grabber.

The Piranha HS 12K camera features Dalsa's latest time delay and integration, or TDI, technology, which enables low-light imaging at reduces operating costs. The camera has 256 selectable TDI stages with responsivity of 3450DN/nJ/cm2. The camera is compact at 180 x 90 x 92.5mm. Features such as bi-directionality, anti-blooming, and programmability mean that the HS 12k camera is suited to flat-panel display, electronics and PCB, and solar cell inspection, and other high speed applications.


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