Point Grey


Point Grey Research has introduced the new FirePro line of professional FireWire b components, designed to increase the efficiency of imaging systems at a low cost.


Point Grey Research has added four remote head models to its line of its Dragonfly2 (FireWire) digital cameras. The new models are suitable for space-limited applications


Point Grey Research has introduced its Grasshopper line of IEEE-1394b (FireWire) cameras. The Grasshopper digital camera offers high Megapixel resolution and an ultra fast IEEE-1394b 800Mb/s digital interface.

Bumblebee XB3

Point Grey Research has released the Bumblebee XB3 stereovision camera system. The three-sensor multi-baseline IEEE-1394b stereo camera delivers high-resolution 3D images and complete stereo processing support.


Point Grey Research has introduced the new 2.0-Megapixel version of its Flea2 camera. It is very compact and incorporates the Sony ICX274 1/1.8-inch progressive scan CCD image sensor.

Firefly MV

The Firefly MV is a miniature (25x40mm) IEEE-1394 digital camera designed for industrial imaging. The 1/3-inch Micron CMOS sensor delivers 752 x 480 images at 60fps.


Point Grey Research has introduced the 1.4-Megapixel Flea2 camera. This higher-resolution model of the Flea2 series of ultra-compact IEEE-1394b cameras incorporates the Sony ICX267 ½-inch progressive scan CCD.


Point Grey Research has unveiled the Bumblebee2 stereovision camera system. The new Bumblebee2 implements next-generation technology enabling faster acquisition times and improved 3D data quality.


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