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Point Grey Research has introduced the 1.4-Megapixel Flea2 camera. This higher-resolution model of the Flea2 series of ultra-compact IEEE-1394b cameras incorporates the Sony ICX267 ½-inch progressive scan CCD, and will be joined by a 2.0MP model mid-2007.

The Sony ICX267 CCD used by the new Flea2 is known for its high sensitivity, low dark current and smear, and excellent anti-blooming characteristics. The camera can deliver full resolution 1392x1032 images at 15fps, and contains all the key features of the Flea2 family, such as jack screw connectors for secure locking, pixel binning and regions of interest modes via Format_7 and in-field firmware upgrades.

Additional features include on-camera colour processing and white balance, automatic synchronisation of multiple cameras, external trigger and strobe output, and low power consumption. All Point Grey Research imaging products also include the FlyCapture software development kit (SDK) for image acquisition and camera control. At 29x29x30mm, the Flea2 is very compact.


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