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Bumblebee XB3

Point Grey Research has released the Bumblebee XB3 stereovision camera system. The three-sensor multi-baseline IEEE-1394b stereo camera delivers high-resolution 3D images and complete stereo processing support. Incorporating three Sony 1/3-inch progressive scan CCDs, with 12 and 24cm baselines for stereo processing, the Bumblebee XB3 offers 1280 x 960 images at 16fps.

It transmits images to the host PC via a FireWire b interface, and delivers full field-of-view depth measurements from a single image set. It is pre-calibrated for lens distortion and camera misalignments. The system includes the Triclops Stereo SDK for the development of stereo based applications, and the FlyCapture SDK, which enables users to control camera settings and acquire images in real time. Four models (3.8mm or 6mm, colour or black and white) are available.


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