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Point Grey Research has introduced the new FirePro line of professional FireWire b components, designed to increase the efficiency of imaging systems at a low cost. All the components are interoperable and compatible with other Point Grey Research products.

The components improve the stability of a system and minimise the downtime due to bus resets or hardware failures. Locking screw connectors and ports on all products guarantees a reliable connection through the entire 1394b network, and reduces the stress on internal electronics that can be caused by cable movement.

The FirePro hubs and repeaters are cased in metal enclosures, and they include front/rear mounting options to meet the needs of demanding industrial applications. The FireWire cables carry both data and power, reducing the number of cables a system requires. The hubs can also be powered externally for larger camera arrays. All FirePRO products are fully compatible with IEEE-1394b and i.Link, and they are backward compatible with 1394a.


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