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Firefly MV

The Firefly MV is a miniature (25x40mm) IEEE-1394 digital camera designed for industrial imaging. The 1/3-inch Micron CMOS sensor delivers 752 x 480 images at 60fps, with a global shutter and near IR sensitivity. The camera uses a smaller, streamlined CS-mount lens holder to minimise weight and cost, and is packed with valuable features including auto/manual gain and exposure controls, 2 x 2 binning for faster frame rates and better sensitivity, memory channels and in field firmware upgrades to ensure easy access to current features.

The Firefly MV complies with the IIDC 1394-based Digital Camera (DCAM) Specification v1.31 FlyCapture applications and many third-party software packages. It comes in four models (microlens or CS-mount lens, colour or monochrome).


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