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Point Grey Research has added four remote head models to its line of its Dragonfly2 (FireWire) digital cameras.

The new models’ tiny 20 x 30mm sensor board is extended from the main camera board using a six-inch shielded ribbon cable, making it suitable for space-limited applications

They offer several improvements on previous models, including an improved electrical design that minimises the effects of electromagnetic interference (EMI) between multiple remote head units, and double the full resolution frame rate.

Monochrome and colour CCD sensor options for the Dragonfly2 remote head include the 0.3MP 1/3-inch ICX424 (648 x 488 at 60fps) and 0.8MP 1/3-inch ICX204 (1032 x 776 at 30fps). Each model comes fully equipped with a smaller and more streamlined cast metal CS-mount lens holder (C-mount adapter included), and general purpose I/O connector for trigger, strobe, and serial I/O. The Dragonfly2 also fully complies with RoHS, FCC and CE regulations.

Key features of the Dragonfly2 camera line include auto iris lens support, a high-speed 12-bit analogue-to-digital converter, memory channels for defining custom power-up settings, gamma and programmable LUT, on-camera colour processing, and a data flash for non-volatile memory storage. Other standard features include multiple trigger and strobe modes, regions of interest and pixel binning, and in-field-updatable FPGA that controls all camera functions.


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