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Fastcam MC2

Photron, a global high-speed imaging systems and image analysis software supplier, has introduced the Fastcam MC2, a high-speed video imaging system incorporating two small (35 x 35 x 35mm) and lightweight (3.2oz) camera heads. Designed specifically for production line and automation faultfinding, the Fastcam MC2 features a global electronic shuttering rate from 20ms to 6 microseconds for crystal clear, slow motion image capture. The camera's high frame rate, crisp image resolution and precision motion analysis meet the rigid requirements of manufacturing, processing, and quality control. With the automatic download feature, the cameras can be left unattended, recording indefinitely on a production line. When a line jam or problem occurs, the alarm signal received will trigger the cameras to automatically download the imagery to a remote computer. This allows engineers and management to see exactly what occurred.

The light sensitive, CMOS, 10µm pixel, single-sensor camera is available in three models. All three feature 512 x 512 pixel resolution; model 500 features frames rates up to 500fps, model 2K offers frame rates up to 2,000fps, and model 10K operates at frame rates from 60 to 2,000fps at full resolution and up to 10,000fps at reduced resolution. An optional, handheld remote controller with a 5-inch, built-in LCD display for viewing-while-recording is offered. The camera heads connect to a compact processor unit via flexible, shielded 7m (23 ft) camera cables, allowing for easy placement of the tiny imagers into confined spaces or difficult-to-access locations anywhere on a production line.

The Fastcam MC2 features a rugged design for slow motion trouble-shooting on the production line and is economically priced for use in any industrial environment. The camera is equipped with a C-mount lens adaptor. Two memory options are available, including 1Gb (4 seconds recording time at 1,000fps) or 2Gb (8 seconds recording time at 1,000fps). The camera control is accessed via the RS-422 keypad or via a Gigabit Ethernet control utilising the Photron Fastcam Viewer (PFV) freeware. NTSC or PAL video outputs are available.


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