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Fastcam SA2

Photron, a high-speed video imaging system manufacturer, has introduced the new 4 Megapixel Fastcam SA2 high-speed camera, delivering up to 1,000fps at full pixel resolution (2K x 2K). Features include a PL lens mount, high colour fidelity, exceptional light sensitivity and crisp image quality. Additional speeds and resolutions are available, including a high definition 1080 pixel camera with up to 2,000fps, 720 pixel with up to 4,000fps, and 512 x 416 pixel resolution with up to 10,000fps.

The 12-bit CMOS camera captures high-speed events for slow motion replay, making it ideal for a variety of broadcast applications in sports and entertainment. Other applications include automotive crash testing, ballistic and missile testing, biomedical imaging and industrial motion analysis.

Photron's easy-to-operate, high performance Fastcam SA2 imager can be easily integrated into existing systems. An optional RS422 remote keypad control offers added versatility with a built-in 5-inch LCD color display for viewing slow motion recording and playback, without the need for an external computer.


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