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Photron Fastcam Viewer software

Photron has released an updated version of its Photron Fastcam Viewer (PFV) software for advanced functionality in high-speed camera control and slow motion video replay. The software has a new, intuitive user interface with easy access to creating and replaying image sequences from industry-standard file formats, including AVI (Windows video), MOV (Apple QuickTime video), TIFF (8-bit or 26-bit file formats), JPEG, BMP (Bitmap), PNG (Portable Network Graphics), RAW and RAWW (native camera file formats).

Videos saved using Photron's PFV software will automatically replay at the user-selected replay speed from 1 to 1,000fps; when the video is opened with Windows Media Player or Apple QuickTime, it auto-plays at the desired slow motion rate. PFV also interrogates the host computer to see which compression codecs are installed and provides a list so that users wishing to compress the saved files can easily do so.

Features available with PFV version 3 and higher include: binning options (to increase light gathering sensitivity); video trigger (to detect motion within the image displayed); bit shift (to select which 8 of the 12-bits are displayed for increased light sensitivity); enhanced navigation mode (divides the display area into nine squares, each controlling a different and selectable camera function); and Matlab drivers for easy camera integration into existing workflows.


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