Fastcam SA5

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Photron has introduced the Fastcam SA5. The camera is based on Photron's Emmy-award-winning high speed video camera technology and provides 7,500fps at Megapixel resolution (1,024 x 1,000). The new camera features a 12-bit monochrome (36-bit RGB colour) sensor with 20µm square pixels, delivering superior colour fidelity and dynamic range. 
The Fastcam SA5 with 1-microsecond global shuttering is available in three memory configurations: 8GB (up to .75  seconds record time at 7,500fps and full resolution); 16GB (up to 1.49 seconds at 7500fps and full resolution); and 32GB (up to 2.98 seconds at 7,500fps, 1K x 1K). The remote control keypad with an RS422 connection is included with the built-in, 5-inch LCD screen for easy, computer-free operation. Photron’s Fastcam Viewer (PFV) freeware is included along with the software developer's kit (SDK) for users who wish to integrate camera control, replay, and download to their existing software. 
Photron's newest imager enables extremely high speed and/or low-light imaging tasks in areas of research that were previously dismissed as unsuitable for digital high speed video. Applications include PIV, inkjet, combustion, fluid dynamics, cavitation, materials research, aerospace, and more.