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High frame rates combined with high resolution increase image data rates massively in high-performance slow-motion and high-speed cameras

CamPerform cameras

Optronis now supplies a range of high-speed cameras to satisfy virtually all industrial image processing needs. Cameras by Optronis are used throughout the world for high-end automation.

CamPerform CP 70-1

The CamPerform CP 70-1 by Optronis is a high-performance, high-speed camera for high end automation in the machine vision sector and 2D/3D AOI applications.


German company Optronis has introduced OptoPIC, an imaging camera with ultra-short exposure times and a high repetition rate

CamPerform supporting CoaXPress 1.1

Optronis has released the CamPerform machine vision camera with CoaXPress standard 1.1 interface, which allows data to be transferred to connected process computers at speeds of up to 25Gb/s via four coaxial cables

12MP CoaXPress camera

Optronis has released a 12 megapixel CoaXPress camera for sophisticated image processing solutions, such as automatic optical inspection (AOI) and other 2D measuring applications

CamPerform camera

Optronis has introduced a 3 megapixel CoaXPress camera ideal for integrating into 3D measuring machines and 3D test instruments


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