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German company Optronis has introduced OptoPic, an imaging camera with ultrashort exposure times and a high repetition rate.

With an exposure time of just 200ps, the camera is able to capture images of objects with rapidly changing light emission and can be used in many applications including the production of fluorescence emission imaging (FLIM), time-resolved spectroscopy, and 3D measurement using the time-of-flight process.

The camera's exposure has a repetition rate of 70MHz to 110MHz and thus obtains a high level of sensitivity and a good signal-to-noise ratio using image averaging. The programmable delay allows for shots to be taken automatically at various intervals in order to record a sequence of images which present the rapid changes in light emission in super-slow motion.

The camera uses a specially developed image intensifier for realising the short exposure. Up to three pulsed light sources and a filter wheel can be integrated into the camera as optional extras. Flexible control of the camera is provided via a LabView application.

OptoPic is Optronis' second product line developed for scientific and research purposes.


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