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Camera CAD data

Optronis GmbH is now also offering CAD data for its camera products. These allow access to precise mechanical dimensions of the housing when developing devices that contain the cameras, delivering significant reductions in development times.

Modern devices and systems are developed solely at CAD workstations, where the device is drawn with high mechanical precision. Optronis uses 3D models provided by its component suppliers in its camera development processes and is now also making its cameras available to customers as a 3D model if required. The electronic exchange form is the internationally standardized “Step” form and also the common “dwfx” format. The standardized file format allows the data to be exchanged even across different CAD platforms.

Optronis is making this service available for its entire camera product range: the OptoScope streak cameras used in science, the CamPerform Machine Vision cameras for industry applications and the CamRecord high-speed cameras.


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