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CamPerform supporting CoaXPress 1.1

Optronis has released the CamPerform machine vision camera with CoaXPress standard 1.1 interface, which allows data to be transferred to connected process computers at speeds of up to 25Gb/s via four coaxial cables.

Compared with the 1.0 version, CoaxPress 1.1 offers an upgraded data transfer protocol, which improves the transfer quality of the data. The 1.1 standard is backwards compatible with the 1.0 standard. Multiple meanings in cyclical redundancy for instance, have been eliminated in 1.1.

New features of v1.1 include DIN connectors, which can replace the previous BNC connectors, and are are smaller and more compact. They also enable the camera to be connected directly with a single (four-pin) connector. Requirements on the transceiver (physical layer) responsible for the transfer have also been reduced in 1.1 compared with 1.0.


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