Keeping European production competitive?

Greg Blackman finds that, in a world where large-scale manufacturing is now predominantly located in Asia and emerging markets, Europe still has a lot to offer when it comes to inspection equipment and quality control

Fighting falsified medicines

Rachel Berkowitz discovers that, to comply with the EU Falsified Medicines Directive, pharmaceutical serialisation and authentication solutions have to be based on machine vision

Driving production

Rob Coppinger sees the advantages of using vision systems for part inspection throughout the automotive supply chain

Quality Station

Vision systems integrator Olmec has introduced the Quality Station (QS) self-contained, in-line vision inspection system

Back on track

With new directives proposed in Europe and the US to track pharmaceuticals and medical devices, Greg Blackman explores the surprisingly complex world of product traceability

VP3 user interface

Vision systems integrator, Olmec-UK, has developed a modular user interface that allows engineers to make adjustments to any Olmec production-line vision system without needing to be vision experts

Precision packing

Greg Blackman looks at some of the vision solutions employed on packaging lines

Code trackers

Rob Coppinger finds that vision systems are now required to track smaller and smaller markings that whizz past on ever-faster conveyors


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