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VP3 user interface

Vision systems integrator, Olmec-UK, has developed a modular user interface that allows engineers to make adjustments to any Olmec production-line vision system without needing to be vision experts. Configured to run in the Windows 7 environment using a large touch-screen, the VP3 user interface is a flexible platform that features modules for 1D and 2D code reading, human readable codes, defect inspection, blister pack inspection, part presence, colour verification and high accuracy gauging and measurement.

The VP3 interface features large, simple-to-use buttons for set-up, system configuration and statistics with a clear pass/fail result indicator. Recipe selection can be made through simple drop-down boxes with an auto-complete function for multiple recipes. It provides multi-level security to help support compliance with industry standards such as CFR21 Pt II requirements for the medical and pharmaceutical industries. Access to setting of parameters such as thresholds, defect sizes, delay time to reject mechanism, etc, can be strictly controlled so that the basic user cannot change any significant operating conditions.

Provision is made to store images of both good and failed product, and images from failed components can easily be reviewed while measurement continues in the background. Presentation of statistics such as total number of good or failed products can also be controlled and the system can also be set up for remote diagnostics, if required.

This versatile approach to the user interface makes it suitable for use with all of Olmec’s custom-designed vision solutions. It is capable of operating with a wide range of colour or monochrome cameras operating to give enhanced dynamic range and is not limited by camera frame rate or resolution.


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