New Imaging Technologies

WiDy SenS 640A-STE

This last member of the WiDy SenS family exhibits several new features ideal for embedded applications in UAVs, drones, land or naval platforms

WiDy SenS 640 OEM

New Imaging Technologies has released a split version of its WiDy SenS flagship camera: WiDy SenS 640 OEM

NSC1701 sensor

NIT presents its new high dynamic range global shutter CMOS featuring a light flicker mitigation mode and a 12-bit digital output

Smart Magic camera

New Imaging Technologies, a developer of wide dynamic range imaging solutions for the visible and SWIR, has introduced two new Smart Magic camera products

Widy SWIR 640M-SPE

New Imaging Technologies, a developer of WDR CMOS and SWIR solutions, has developed a complete offer in SWIR gating imaging in both QVGA (320x256) and VGA (640x512) resolution


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