New Imaging Technologies

WiDy SenS 640 OEM

New Imaging Technologies has released a split version of its WiDy SenS flagship camera: WiDy SenS 640 OEM

NSC1701 sensor

NIT presents its new high dynamic range global shutter CMOS featuring a light flicker mitigation mode and a 12-bit digital output

Smart Magic camera

New Imaging Technologies, a developer of wide dynamic range imaging solutions for the visible and SWIR, has introduced two new Smart Magic camera products

Widy SWIR 640M-SPE

New Imaging Technologies, a developer of WDR CMOS and SWIR solutions, has developed a complete offer in SWIR gating imaging in both QVGA (320x256) and VGA (640x512) resolution


New Imaging Technologies is introducing to the market a new InGaAs camera with TEC VGA sensor at the forthcoming SPIE Remote Sensing Show 2016


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