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NIT updates NSC1801 line scan sensor

The NSC1801 line scan sensor was designed initially for imaging linearly moving objects with high frame rate, high sensitivity and low noise. Its pixel size has the world smallest size of 7.5µm that contributes the lower the manufacturing costs without increasing the cost of lenses. 

Now NIT has released an updated version of NSC1801, where all key parameters have been reworked and overall performances improvedNSC1801 is currently installed in NIT Lisa SWIR cameras.

NSC1801 fully benefits from NIT new manufacturing factory installed in our brand new clean room, that includes our high yield hybridization process. Our new facility allows to cover the full design and manufacturing cycle of these sensors in volume with a level of quality never achieved before.

Moreover NSC1801 was designed with the objective of addressing new markets that could not invest into expensive and difficult to use SWIR cameras. The result is that our Lisa SWIR camera based on NSC1801 exhibits the lowest price point on the market even in unit quantity.

Typical applications for NSC1801 are waste sorting, semiconductor and photovoltaic cell inspection, food and vegetable inspection and pharmaceutical inspection.


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