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LiSaSWIR InGaAs camera

New Imaging Technologies (NIT) announces a brand-new line of SWIR InGaAs camera - LiSaSWIR.

This family features SWIR line-scan array camera. This SWIR camera is optimized for applications requiring short exposure times and high accuracy line rates.

The LiSaSWIR delivers high SWIR image quality whilst maintaining size, cost, and integration advantages in any quality control system. With the short-wave infrared spectrum, getting more invisible data during real-time monitoring is simple.

The first version available is LiSaSWIR 2K - LiSaSWIR 2048M-STE

The technical specifications are:

  • Pixel Number: 2048*1
  • Pitch: 7.5µm
  • Line speed: 60KHz @ full line
  • Readout Noise: 250e- (HG)
  • Interface: CameraLink
  • GenICam compliant


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