WiDy SenS 640H-STE

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NIT is pleased to introduce its latest member of the popular SWIR WiDy SenS family, designed for UAV gimbal and PZT manufacturers.

The WiDy SenS 640H-STE provides straightforward interfacing with the most current electronic video platforms.

Digital video SDI output directly compatible with processing units (NVIDIA, Texas Instruments, ARM processors or Analog devices, etc.)

SWIR VGA resolution that offers a High dynamic range (120dB) and High Sensitivity with low noise.

Small form factor and very low power consumption (< 5W), ideal for battery-powered devices.

Control and command through NITVision or SDKs (Windows and Linux).

Image: atdigit/shutterstock.com

14 November 2022

Hyperspectral imaging in the SWIR wavelength can be deployed aerially for crop health monitoring and providing humanitarian aid. (Image: Shutterstock/aappp)

03 March 2023

When combined with air drying, shortwave-infrared can be used to detect active dental cavities. This is possible because active cavities are porous and hold more water, which affects the infrared measurements around the affected area as the tooth dries. (Image: Chang et al.)

20 January 2023