Freeze frame

While imaging at high speed used to require a dedicated camera, now - with the advances in CMOS technology - machine vision in general is getting faster, as Greg Blackman discovers

Keeping up with fast frame rates

As cameras become faster, Jessica Rowbury discusses some of the challenges in reaching high speeds while also improving the image quality

Repeaters and fibre-optic converters

In close cooperation with the Israeli company Kaya Instruments, Mikrotron is closing the gap for reduced distances in data transmission with new repeaters and fiber-optic converters

EoSens 25CXP

The new, compact digital 25 megapixel high-speed camera from Mikrotron, the EoSens 25CXP with high performance CoaXPress real-time data interface, meets the high demands of high-end applications

Keeping an eye on the ball

In a high-tech machine vision company a well-balanced mixture of skills and backgrounds is a significant competitive advantage, Mikrotron CEO Christian Pilzer tells Tim Gillett

Motionblitz LTR3.0 and Motionblitz LTR4.0

Mikrotron's new Motionblitz LTR3.0 and Motionblitz LTR4.0 portable long-time recording (LTR) systems allow users from all industries to gain new insights in production and research via long-time recordings

Motionblitz CVR

The new Motionblitz CVR (Compact Versatile Recording) system from Mikrotron offers a solution to situations that require high-speed recording cameras with small dimensions that can provide extremely detailed high resolution images

Eosens TS3

Mikrotron has released the Eosens TS3 high-speed cameras. They can be operated wirelessly via the WiFi module, which allows control with handheld devices


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