Keeping an eye on the ball

In a high-tech machine vision company a well-balanced mixture of skills and backgrounds is a significant competitive advantage, Mikrotron CEO Christian Pilzer tells Tim Gillett

Motionblitz LTR3.0 and Motionblitz LTR4.0

Mikrotron's new Motionblitz LTR3.0 and Motionblitz LTR4.0 portable long-time recording (LTR) systems allow users from all industries to gain new insights in production and research via long-time recordings

Motionblitz CVR

The new Motionblitz CVR (Compact Versatile Recording) system from Mikrotron offers a solution to situations that require high-speed recording cameras with small dimensions that can provide extremely detailed high resolution images

Eosens TS3

Mikrotron has released the Eosens TS3 high-speed cameras. They can be operated wirelessly via the WiFi module, which allows control with handheld devices

MotionBlitz LTR1 portable

Mikrotron has released the MotionBlitz LTR1 portable (Long Term Recording), a mobile, easy-to-use, complete high-speed video system with long-term recording capability

MotionBlitz LTR1

Mikrotron has launched the MotionBlitz LTR1 (long time recording), offering a complete high-speed video system for extended recording times

EoSens 3CL

Mikrotron has released its compact 3 Megapixel CMOS high-speed camera EoSens 3CL

MotionBlitz EoSens Cube7

Mikrotron has introduced the ultra high-speed digital 3 Megapixel camera, MotionBlitz EoSens Cube7. The compact, GigE Vision camera has a resolution of 1,696 x 1,710 pixels and provides a frame rate of 500fps.


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