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EoSens Creation camera series

Mikrotron is empowering machine vision engineers to achieve accelerated performance at a fraction of the cost of traditional customized solutions with its new EoSens Creation Series of FPGA programmable-ready smart cameras.

Designed for multi-camera industrial automation systems, the EoSens Creation Series enables engineers to embed their own custom IP into a Mikrotron 2-megapixel 10GigE GenICam compliant camera that has the power to externally stream 10-bit pixel resolution images at 535 frames-per-second (fps) or internally stream 8-bit images at 2240 fps. EoSens Creation cameras also offer sensitivity of 20V/Lux @ 550nm to achieve high-contrast, detailed images in low light environments. In addition, the camera's SFP+ connection works with both copper and fiber interfaces, making it possible to install long cable runs using low-cost Ethernet cabling, switches and network interfaces.

Offering an open, scalable framework, Mikrotron EoSens Creation Series cameras feature an XiLINX Kintex Ultrascale FPGA plus an additional on-board 2GB DDRD of memory for edge functions such as defect pixel correction, gamma correction, dynamic range correction, and noise reduction. By reducing the linear data flow to the host PC's CPU and therefore supplying additional bandwidth, this design eliminates bottlenecks, accelerates image pre-processing, and unlocks the full potential of the 2MP sensor's resolution and frame rate. This type of architecture is highly suitable in IIoT projects where the goals are to improve operational efficiency and inspection accuracy, increase production speed, and reduce the total cost of system ownership.

By using XiLINX Vivado Design Suite software the integrator can easily customize FPGA controls, processing, diagnostics, and resource analysis to accelerate time-to-market. An open platform concept provides a clear separation between the basic camera functions and the application IP to assure a straightforward development environment.

Mikrotron recognizes that programming an FPGA requires more than entry-level knowledge of gate architecture and bit level manipulation. To support its customers with the new EoSens Creation Series, Mikrotron cooperates with global partners who can implement application-oriented programming according to customer requirements.

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