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EoSens 2.0CXP2

Machine vision professionals seeking a performance boost for their imaging applications will find it in the new EoSens 2.0CXP2 two-megapixel CMOS camera from Mikrotron, now available through its global distribution network.

Built upon the CoaXPress 2.0 standard, the EoSens 2.0CXP2 acquires full HD images of 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution at speeds of 2240 frames-per-second (fps) to achieve greater throughput and higher inspection accuracy. At lower resolutions speeds of 170,000 fps are possible. The CXP-12 interface enables 50 Gb/S speed when applying all four of the camera’s lanes to support data transmission back to the PC for processing, making it ideal for applications as diverse as AOI, melt pool monitoring, ball grid inspection, PV measurements and robotics. The CXP lanes are switchable from one, two or four depending on application requirements.

The new flagship of the Mikrotron EoSens line, the EoSens 2.0CXP2 features a best-in-class LUXIMA LUX19HS 4/3" 2 Megapixel sensor. This sensor is 300% more sensitive (20V/lux @ 55nm) than the 2/3" sensors found in competitive cameras, making it possible to acquire higher contrast images in challenging low or fast changing light. Besides high-speed machine vision, the camera's feature-set qualifies it for applications such as automotive safety testing, sports broadcasting, and life sciences.

Customers familiar with Mikrotron EoSens cameras can easily swap out their existing cameras to achieve faster transfer at higher resolutions. The EoSens 2.0CXP2’s compact footprint is nearly identical to most EoSens CXP V1.0, Gigabit and Camera Link cameras. It protects the customer's investment by being contained within an 80 x 80 x 53mm industrial-grade metal housing that is resistant to the shock and vibration experienced in manufacturing environments.

The EoSens 2.0CXP2 overcomes the short cable limitations of Camera Link and USB3 Vision cameras with the capacity to transmit zero-latency data over standard 75 Ohm coaxial cable at lengths of 35 meters at CXP-12 or up to 100 meters at CXP 10. Precise triggering and control is made possible by an uplink that eliminates the need for a separate I/O cable.


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