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MotionBlitz CVR recording system

High-speed video capture helps engineers troubleshoot manufacturing processes, and assists researchers in analyzing fast acting events. However, traditional large-format high-speed cameras quickly run out of internal storage, delaying work while data is being transferred.

Mikrotron has solved that problem with its MotionBLITZ CVR recording system that combines an EoSens 4MP CoaXPress color camera remotely connected to an industrial-grade DVR. The MotionBLITZ CVR is capable of recording video sequences of up to 12 seconds at 560 fps and 2,336 x 1,728 pixel resolution directly into RAM. As the result of the fast download of the RAM into the internal RAID drive, the recorder is reset in under four minutes and ready for use. Exceptionally flexible, the camera and recorder system can be configured to record up to 35,000 fps in smaller image formats, as well. The detachable camera can be easily fitted into tight spaces, observing the event where it is happening up to 20 meters away.

By using the MotionBLITZ CVR, every critical detail can be captured, identified and eliminated if necessary, during event analysis in industries such as automotive, electronics, pharmaceutical, packaging, robotics, and factory automation, helping plant managers gain new research insights and decision-making visibility. For example, individual production steps of highly complex, extremely fast production processes can be recorded at resolutions down to the micrometer scale and precisely analyzed for flaws.

The system's recording station features 2TB storage capacity, and an onboard ring buffer that allows buffering of triggered events up to 12 seconds at full resolution and full speed. MotionBLITZ Director2 imaging software, which is included, has recording and triggering settings, viewing and editing functions, image correction, market and comment functions, image data export, and multiple sync and trigger options.


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