IDS Imaging Development Systems

uEye LabView compliance

IDS has expanded its software support to allow users of LabView and the LabView Vision Development Module from National Instruments to quickly implement image processing applications using the uEye camera series.

uEye Linux Software

IDS is now providing a comprehensive Linux-compatible software package for its uEye camera series. The package includes a software development kit (SDK).

UI-1480-C and the uEye LE

IDS has made two new additions to its uEye camera family: the high-accuracy 5-Megapixel UI-1480-C, and the cost-effective uEye LE, suitable for microscopy and medical applications.


The uEye series from IDS Imaging Development Systems features a variety of USB cameras with more than 100 different models.

uEye USB 2.0

The uEye USB 2.0 camera series from IDS Imaging Development Systems are now environment tolerant thanks to new driver software, allowing the camera to adapt to fluctuating light conditions.


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