IDS Imaging Development Systems

Driver kit for uEye cameras

Imaging Development Systems (IDS) has developed a single driver kit for all models of the uEye range. This allows camera integration independent of model or interface constraints.


Imaging Development Systems (IDS) has launched the uEye camera series for industrial or non-industrial applications. Camera models are available with resolutions from VGA to 5 Megapixels.

uEye UI-5480-C

The uEye UI-5480-C model has Gigabit Ethernet interface and sports a light-sensitive ½" CMOS sensor, which allows resolutions up to 2560 x 1920 pixels (i.e. five megapixels).


IDS Imaging Development Systems has added two new models to its uEye series, which makes use of the newest generation of 1/3-inch CMOS sensors.

Gigabit Ethernet uEye cameras

IDS has launched the new flagship models of its uEye camera range, which feature a Gigabit Ethernet interface, with its own, proprietary interface.

uEye driver 2.40

The new software driver version 2.40 for the uEye cameras from IDS now supports the latest Microsoft operating system (32-bit). The release also includes a range of new functions.

uEye 1466LE-C/1467LE-C

IDS has launched two extremely compact USB cameras with a 3-Megapixel resolution as part of the uEye LE series for non-industrial applications.

uEye LabView compliance

IDS has expanded its software support to allow users of LabView and the LabView Vision Development Module from National Instruments to quickly implement image processing applications using the uEye camera series.

uEye Linux Software

IDS is now providing a comprehensive Linux-compatible software package for its uEye camera series. The package includes a software development kit (SDK).


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