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uEye v3.4

IDS Imaging Development Systems has released v3.4 of its uEye software package, which includes Direct3D support for optimised display of live images. The enhancements feature additional overlay functions and options for synchronising image rendering to the monitor refresh rate. This eliminates undesired image tearing, which is the result of unsynchronised image acquisition with image display. The Direct3D mode is particularly useful in vision applications where the goal is visualisation.

The driver update is compatible with all USB and GigE industrial cameras of the uEye family. PCs equipped with the latest DirectX Runtime version can run the new graphics functions of the Direct3D interface right out of the box.

Direct3D supersedes the DirectDraw modes and adds powerful new features. In addition to delivering a live display free of image tearing, Direct3D also allows for semi-transparent overlays that can be displayed on live images. This new display mode also lets the user upload overlays directly from bitmap files. A sample program that demonstrates Direct3D functionality and implementation is included with the latest uEye driver.

The new Direct3D display mode is one of the many new features introduced by IDS' latest driver. Also included is support for the latest uEye camera models, DHCP support for GigE uEye cameras and a software interface for the Cognex image processing software VisionPro. Another benefit delivered by the latest driver is a performance boost for GigE uEye SE cameras. Even GigE uEye SE cameras in the field can take advantage of driver 3.40 and achieve higher frame rates. This is made possible by the on-the-fly firmware upload approach that all uEye cameras come with.


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