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Driver software 3.60

IDS Imaging Development Systems has added new functionality with the driver version 3.60 to its GigE uEye SE and RE camera series. The extended functionality provided by the firmware, which supports the transfer of images at the sensor's full colour depth, is available immediately through a simple driver update in the PC. Therefore, camera systems in the field can benefit from the new features.

The transfer of the sensor's full colour depth of up to 12-bit was previously only supported by the high-end models of the GigE uEye HE series. With the driver release 3.60, the German machine vision specialist now also provides this strong feature for the SE versions with standard housing and for the splash waterproof RE series with IP65/67 enclosure. Camera versions with HDR sensor and a correspondingly high dynamic range benefit from the performance boost.

Besides the updated firmware, the driver software 3.60 comes with several improvements, including support of new sensor models, revised DirectShow and ActiveX interfaces, and added functionality in the viewer application.


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