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HDR sensor for USB and GigE cameras

The German machine vision specialist, IDS Imaging Development Systems, has released a newly developed HDR sensor for its USB and GigE industrial camera series. The sensor captures images with ultra-high contrast and a dynamic range of over 120dB. HDR cameras thus open up many new possibilities for applications that have very high brightness differences, such as traffic surveillance or industrial welding.

The monochrome HDR sensor featured in uEye cameras uses a different functionality and applies a real logarithmic curve. This allows reproducing extreme contrasts in a single image and significantly reducing visible noise. As a result, GigE cameras of the uEye HE series can read out and process the full 12-bit colour depth, for example. The FX4 HDR sensor is 1/1.8-inch in size and captures up to 50fps at a resolution of 768 x 576 pixels. The frames can be output based on a logarithmic curve or on a linear curve as used by conventional sensors.


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