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EyeScan 3D scanhead

EVT has developed the EyeScan 3D scanhead with the integrated evaluation software EyeVision 3D. This combination offers the user three-dimensional control of solar cell soldering.

Additionally, complete evaluation of the 3D data is integrated in the EyeVision 3D software, reducing implementation time. The EyeScan 3D scanhead carries out image processing autonomously, with the 3D evaluation taking place onboard the camera. With the EyeVision software, EVT has developed a cost-effective and compact 3D system, which can be programmed and configured by the user by drag-and-drop.

EyeScan 3D (140 x 70 x 50mm) contains a pre-calibrated laser triangulation sensor with 5mW of power. It has a maximum scan rate of 400Hz and a resolution of up to 1,280 pixels. Data transfer is via Gigabit Ethernet interface or optional RS232.


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