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EVT has released the ChipControl command set, a easy-to-handle software tool for the inspection of semiconductor and electronic components.

ChipControl, developed for the semiconductor and electronics industry, is based on the well-known EyeVision software. The software command set includes programming for tasks such as, pin 1 inspection, in-tape inspection, lead inspection, 2D in-tape inspection, 3D lead coplanarity inspection, wire check inspection, wafer and bluetape alignment, wafer ID reading, and dambar inspection.

Additional to the ChipControl command set, the complete command set of the EyeVision software is available. The inspection process can be either PC-based or running on a smart camera, but with only one user interface.

Various protocols are available for data transfer, including TCP/IP, UDP, Ethernet IP and Profibus. Furthermore the user can select between the sensor series EyeCheck, the smart camera series EyeSpector and the PC-based platform EyeVision, depending on the requirements of the application.


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