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EVT has launched the EyePlateReader system, based on the EyeVision image processing software, which is designed to recognise, read and evaluate number plates.

The system runs on an ARM Cortex A8 Dual Core CPU. For this application the EyeBlock hardware is ideally suited to recognising and reading number plates in moving traffic. Also, for very fast applications, an ARM A9 is recommendable. The solution is based on the EyeVision OCR module, which can recognise numbers and letters on number plates even under very difficult imaging conditions.

Since the system is based on standard modules, the EyeBlock hardware allows the user to select the appropriate computer module for each application. The connection to the sensor module is also standardised and therefore all sensor modules are available for various computer modules.

EVT says the EyeVision graphical user interface is easy to handle, with even the non-versed user able to create an efficient inspection program for reading any number plate on a moving car.

Additionally, the EyeVision software interface stays the same with different hardware, making it easy to use.


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