EyeSpector 810D

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EVT has launched the EyeSpector 810D, a smart camera with two sensor heads.

The EyeSpector 810D (dual head) is based on the successful ES810 camera model and combines a powerful camera with EyeVision image processing software. The two sensor heads offer various application possibilities, due to the extensive command set of the EyeVision software.

Therefore the user can select between commands, for example those for measurement and inspection technology, and tools for pattern matching, object detection or 3D applications. The user then can compile inspection programs via drag-and-drop programming.

The ES810D offers the user 32MB Flash and 128MB DDR-RAM memory. Additionally the camera is fast and powerful with a computing power of 5.6MIPS. With the trigger-input of the camera, a precise and synchronous image capture is guaranteed.

The two sensor heads, which measure 22 x 22 x 22.5mm, are especially suitable for 3D and alignment applications such as the alignment of pressure discs via register marks, where measurements, which are accurate to the nearest millimetre and a limited weight, are essential.

The camera is equipped with an Ethernet interface and optionally also with a RS232 interface. The image capture is carried out by a global-shutter-CMOS sensor and with a frame rate of 60 images per second, images with a resolution of 752 x 480 pixels can be captured.

The two sensor heads are connected to the processor unit with connectors with small diameters. Standard cable length is three metres (but longer cables are available on request).