Looking to a colourful future

Colour inspection on the factory floor is finally coming of age, 147 years after the first colour image was taken. David Robson investigates why it took so long, and how machine vision suppliers are making up for lost time

Picolo V16 H.264

Euresys has launched the Picolo V16 H.264, a video capture board with audio capability featuring H.264 on-board compression for 16 video inputs.

Domino Symphony

Euresys has released the Domino Symphony boards, a set of new high-performance frame grabbers for industrial applications. They offer an affordable interface to four single-tap monochrome analog cameras.

Open eVision 1.0

Open eVision 1.0 from Euresys is a new suite of reliable, powerful and flexible software tools dedicated to image processing and analysis.

Grablink Express

A new Camera Link PCI Express frame grabber is now part of the Grablink series. The Grablink Express complies with the Base-configuration of the new Camera Link standard 1.2.

Grablink Quickpack CFA

The Grablink Quickpack CFA (Colour Filter Array) is a flexible and high-performance image acquisition and pre-processing board dedicated to area scan colour inspection.

Picolo Alert video capture board

The Picolo Alert video capture board, from Euresys, is now released in a PCI Express version. This 16 video input board takes advantage of the high-speed bandwidth offered by the PCI Express interface.


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