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Grablink Quickpack CFA

The Grablink Quickpack CFA (Colour Filter Array) is a flexible and high-performance image acquisition and pre-processing board dedicated to area scan colour inspection. A set of dedicated onboard pre-processing functions speeds up image processing for applications such as PCB, food or pharmaceutical inspection without loading the host CPU.

These functions include a Bayer pattern decoder and a luminance blender providing simultaneous Y and RGB output – planar or packed - for monochrome and colour inspection. An optional white balance is computed on automatically selected white pixels or on a user-defined region of interest. Finally, four independent LUT operators are available for the R, G, B and Y components.

The Grablink Quickpack CFA interfaces base configuration Camera Link area scan cameras up to 85MHz and it processes 8-, 10- or 12-bit images. The board has a 128Mb memory and a 64-bit, 66MHz Conventional PCI bus offering 240Mb/s of delivery bandwidth. Quickpack CFA features nine general-purpose I/O lines to ease the board integration into industrial systems.


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