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Grablink Express

A new Camera Link PCI Express frame grabber is now part of the Grablink series. The Grablink Express complies with the Base-configuration of the new Camera Link standard 1.2. This revision includes Power over Camera Link  (PoCL). It allows a single Camera Link cable to supply power on top of transferring high-speed images and controlling the camera.

The Grablink Express board acquires 24-bit images at 85MHz. It offers simple and reliable line scan acquisition and a full support of area scan cameras. For system integration, the Grablink Express is equipped with nine various I/O lines available on an external and on an internal connector: The I/O lines includes TTL, LVDS and opto-isolated lines for trigger, page trigger, line trigger, motion encoder and strobe.

The Grablink Express PoCL frame grabber interfaces the smallest and fastest cameras on the market while still being safely compatible with cables and cameras from the previous Camera Link standards.


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