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Picolo Alert video capture board

The Picolo Alert video capture board, from Euresys, is now released in a PCI Express version. This 16 video input board takes advantage of the high-speed bandwidth offered by the PCI Express interface. The Picolo Alert PCIe is featured with a 1-lane (x1) PCI Express interface that is compatible with all PCI Express connectors.

The Picolo Alert has a total digitising power of 200/240 fps constantly available. In addition, this digitising power is freely shared among up to 16 channels, according to the requirements of the application. Capture and preview functions are simultaneously available for each camera, they are completely configurable for acquisition rate, image resolution, cropping, scaling, contrast, brightness, saturation, storage format. The board includes a watchdog circuit and nine professional I/O lines to trigger the image capture, to strobe during the acquisition or to interface to various alarm systems.

DirectShow users will naturally take advantage of the Picolo performances through a dedicated filter. This ultra-high speed multiple channel video capture card is dedicated to high-end applications in the fields of video-surveillance and security, or entry-level applications in the field of machine vision.


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