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Picolo V16 H.264

Euresys has launched the Picolo V16 H.264, a video capture board with audio capability featuring H.264 on-board compression for 16 video inputs. The H.264 compression standard is suited to security applications. It offers high image quality on top of low bit rate and low storage requirement.

Each video input delivers a simultaneous raw and compressed video stream. This feature allows simultaneous capture and preview of each video input. The compressed images can be stored on the hard disc or transferred by the network while the uncompressed images can be immediately displayed or can be used for video analytics. Both streams are independently configurable: frame rate control, resolution control, overlay, masking features can be set autonomously.

The Picolo V16 H.264 is a PCI Express 1-lane board and implements, for system integration, 32 general-purpose I/O lines and a pass-through buffered video output with cascade capability.


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