Software drivers

BitFlow is helping vision engineers build more robust applications by maintaining its extensive and current library of software drivers


BitFlow, Inc., a worldwide innovator in machine vision technology, today announced the sixth generation of its Camera Link frame grabbers: the Axion-CL

Axion-CL frame grabber

BitFlow is continuing to widen its technology dominance in the Camera Link frame grabber (CL) category with the scheduled unveiling of its new Axion-CL, the company's sixth generation CL frame grabber, at Vision in Stuttgart

SDK 5.90

BitFlow has released SDK 5.90, the first production-ready software development kit expressly designed to support the Cyton CXP family of frame grabbers

Karbon CL4-SP

BitFlow is now offering the Karbon CL4-SP, a single-camera version of its Karbon-CL, designed to handle the latest 80-bit 85MHz cameras. These are the fastest cameras supported by the Camera Link standard

Matlab adapter

Bitflow has simplified the use of MathWorks Matlab software by introducing an upgraded version of its Matlab adapter


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