SDK 5.70

In support of its CoaXPress frame grabbers, BitFlow has introduced SDK 5.70, a flexible application framework that will allow system integrators to develop machine vision applications quickly and easily in the CoaXPress standard

Grabbing the market

After two decades at the top, Bitflow is still at the cutting edge of frame grabbers, as Warren Clark discovers

Cyton CXP4

Machine vision technology specialist BitFlow has introduced the Cyton CXP4 four-channel frame grabber, based on the CoaXPress standard

Karbon CXP2

BitFlow has released its Karbon CXP2, a two-link frame grabber ideal for smaller vision systems


BitFlow has introduced the Karbon KBN-PCE-CXP4, a four-channel video frame grabber based on the CoaXPress (CXP) digital interface standard

CL4-F frame grabber

BitFlow has introduced the model CL4-F frame grabber featuring interfaces for two independent base, medium or full Camera Link digital video cameras

Neon-CLQ Quad frame grabber

BitFlow has released its Neon-CLQ Quad, a Camera Link/PoCL frame grabber that provides interfaces for four cameras plus I/O yet requires only a single low-cost PCIe slot

SDK Version 5.60

BitFlow has upgraded its Software Development Kit (SDK). Version 5.60 offers full support of 32-bit applications on 64-bit Microsoft Windows machine vision systems


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