Badger InGaAs-VGA sensors

ANDANTA’s InGaAs-VGA “BADGER” image sensor family will soon be complemented by a VIS- InGaAs sensor, which is also sensitive in the visible spectral range


Andanta will display its new VGA InGaAs image sensor and an InGaAs avalanche photodiode chip

Badger-C and Badger-T

An uncooled InGaAs-sensor with 640 x 512-resolution that can be operated at room-temperature is now available from Andanta


For the first time ever an uncooled InGaAs-sensor with 640x512-resolution is available at ANDANTA, which can be operated at room-temperature

Semi-VIS InGaAs sensor

Image sensor specialist Andanta now offers Indium Gallium Arsenide (InGaAs) image sensors with extended spectral response down to 800nm (semi-VIS sensor) instead of 900nm (standard sensor)

Pyroelectric linear sensor arrays

Image sensor specialist Andanta has released pyroelectric linear arrays as hybrid sensors, with up to 512 elements and integrated CMOS multiplexer for the mid- and far infrared spectral range

InGaAs Image Sensors

Andanta has introduced a range of Indium-Gallium-Arsenide (InGaAs) image sensors with extended infrared spectral range from 1.2µm up to 2.2µm wavelengths for its 320 x 256 matrix array


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