QVGA InGaAs matrix sensor half price

Andanta's uncooled QVGA InGaAs matrix sensor FPA320x256-C has been significantly reduced in price: the price is now only about half as much as it used to be, until the end of 2020

Badger InGaAs-VGA sensors

ANDANTA’s InGaAs-VGA “BADGER” image sensor family will soon be complemented by a VIS- InGaAs sensor, which is also sensitive in the visible spectral range


Andanta will display its new VGA InGaAs image sensor and an InGaAs avalanche photodiode chip

Badger-C and Badger-T

An uncooled InGaAs-sensor with 640 x 512-resolution that can be operated at room-temperature is now available from Andanta


For the first time ever an uncooled InGaAs-sensor with 640x512-resolution is available at ANDANTA, which can be operated at room-temperature

Semi-VIS InGaAs sensor

Image sensor specialist Andanta now offers Indium Gallium Arsenide (InGaAs) image sensors with extended spectral response down to 800nm (semi-VIS sensor) instead of 900nm (standard sensor)


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